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If you have to prepare quite a lot of money unexpectedly or if the interest rate on the loan you are repaying is high, you can borrow it under conditions that can be easily tolerated if you are familiar with financial information in detail. However, there are quite a few cases where people avoid studying in detail because it is complicated, and the number of people who are having difficulty repaying due to not being aware of the problems that can be improved seems to have this opportunity to introduce representative financial information. In addition, if you look into it in detail, you can attract investment costs beyond simply supplying electricity, so if you have any plans for investment or financial technology, please read it and refer to it.

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Since all the products and promotions operated by each financial sector are different, we will give you more detailed information later, and we will only talk about representative differences at this time. First of all, primary financial banks such as Shinhan Bank, Industrial Bank of Korea, and Kakao Bank have low interest rates because they can be protected without risk. For example, in a general environment, the usage limit is about 70% of income and 5.87%. Non-banks such as securities firms, general financial firms, and insurance companies are approved relatively easily with a maximum limit of 120%, but interest rates are close to 14.40%. Therefore, if the credit rating is complied with when loans are urgently needed, it will be advantageous to use the banking sector in terms of interest rates, but if you need more than two expectations or less than 465 credit points, it is advantageous to use second finance.

I will explain the loan support for start-up funds of ordinary people’s products that can be used comfortably.

In addition, if credit conditions are so bad that no financial institution can use them, there is a way to use government-backed loans for ordinary people, which is useful because it is about 50% cheaper than the average interest rate. In addition, it is a benefit for those who cannot freely use the financial base, so they can also receive NEET or rehabilitation process. For example, even if your annual income is less than 25 million won and your credit rating is about 6th grade, there is a loan for ordinary people at an interest rate of 5.87% of around 10 million won, which you can’t get if you need it in advance.

It is also necessary to understand the position between financial technology, investment and loan products.This is information about financing start-up funds

In addition, as financial techniques using small amounts continue to be diversified, financial technology growth has been rapid, but mortgage loans differ 70% from location to location such as overheated speculation, adjustment and non-adjustment, but their strength is that they can jump into the investment ranks without a lot of money. However, the limit is measured by the transaction price of collateral, so the increase in sales prices and real estate policies should be thoroughly reviewed. On top of that, there are cases where loans are used to create returns exceeding 3.5% interest rates by joining the stock investment market with about 14 million won left, but the risk rate can increase depending on market conditions, so it should be thoroughly checked and used carefully.Invest 10 minutes a day to find out. Share information on start-up financing supportWhether it’s the implementation of loans necessary for investment to borrow living funds or to start in a good position in modern society, you should sometimes be aware of the tendency of money to come and go. However, careless acceptance of information and blurred choices can lead directly to economic damage, so you should go in carefully and use them to your advantage. Even if you don’t have a large amount of money, you can borrow money and pay back only the interest burden, or you can jump into expensive real estate investment without the cash saved if you know the loan information. Just as there is a huge gap between being approved at a 6% interest rate and paying back at 14.00% even for the same type of loan product, it is best to minimize risk and borrow advantageous loan products wisely according to your situation.Previous Image Next ImagePrevious Image Next ImagePrevious Image Next Image